Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Facebook for newbies

Have you tried to explain how facebook works to your grandfather who is in his 60s. It can be a tricky task. In this post I will not explain how to use facebook. I will try to explain using pictures as to what facebook is. Let us dive in:

  • When someone(Rambo) creates an account on facebook, Rambo doesn't have any friend yet. This is how Rambo would look like. The orange nodes represent other people and the connections represent friendship. 
  • Now Rambo searches for people he may know in real life. He sees the profile of someone he knows. Let us call her Mina. Rambo wants to be friends with Mina. Mina is represented by a bluish colored node.
  • Rambo sends a Friend request ( the "Add Friend" button) to Mina. Then he waits for Mina's response. Yellow line is represents the act of sending a friend request.

  • Mina comes back from work and checks her facebook profile. She gets happy after seeing Rambo on Facebook. She accepts the friend request ( Green arrow) .. Now Mina and Rambo are friends now ( on Facebook)

  • Rambo finds other people by using search tool, by checking the friends of Mina and becomes friends with a many people. The red lines show friendships of Rambo.His friends are represented in Purple. Now Rambo can share his life events and other activities with his friends. He also gets to know what his friends are doing in their lives through news feed.

  • Rambo is now addicted to facebook. Dont be like Rambo.

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