Friday, June 24, 2016

Why learn a new Language?

Imagine you want to learn Mandarin but you dont have any other motivation apart from the fact that learning a new language can be fun and also you may be able to speak with 1 billion odd more new people. 

You can learn how to greet people properly in Mandarin and also know how to pronounce the different sounds. Although this seems to be simple, but believe me it is a daunting task. The act of learning a language can be very difficult with the added fun. It's a great combination to have, fun and difficulty. But, if you give, let's say ten minutes everyday, it will get very exciting to learn.

I will ask the question; What can be the benefits of learning a new language??

Let us try to list out the benefits and surely we will be able to list a few points which can serve as motivation to learn the new language:

  • YOU CAN TALK TO MORE PEOPLE : This is the obvious benefit and this can be a rewarding benefit when you travel. The people will be more courteous towards you if you try to speak in their language. They feel good and can go out of their way to help you. 

  • IT WILL IMPROVE YOUR FIRST LANGUAGE: Learning a new language will make you better in your first language. You will relook at the things which you had forgotten or overlooked with respect to your first language.

  • IT WILL OPEN UP A LOT OF RESOURCES: When you learn a new language, you will hava opened a door to a lot of new literature in that language. Imagine you are reading a novel in Mandarin. How cool!!

  • IT WILL HELP YOUR CAREER: If there is a posting abroad in a company you are working and you are the only person in your team who knows the language required, you will be preferred. The skills are important, but if you are at par with the skills, then knowing the new language can give you the edge over the others.

  • IMPROVED MEMORY: While learning a new language you are memorizing new words everyday and therefore you are training your memory. This will improve your ability since you are practicing memorising.

  • IT WILL MOTIVATE YOU TO LEARN MORE: The achievement you get in learning a new language will get you motivated to learn another language because of the points above. It is kind of recursive the way this thing works.

  • LAST THING, IT IS COOL: No need to explain this.

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