Sunday, June 26, 2016

Practice, perfection and Ambidexterity

I write using my right hand. I find it really difficult to write with my left hand.
If we go according to the old saying "Practice makes a man perfect", then I must be able to write with my left hand given I practice for long enough.

Now coming to the fact that ambidexterity can have advantages or not. According to a few sources, it is not beneficial and some sources say that it can be harmful to train ourselves to become ambidextrous. Some do say that it is beneficial. 

Whatever may be the benefits or harms it can cause, I will give it a try anyway. 

I will start today and practice for five minutes everyday. I will write with my left hand for just five minutes everyday until I see the results. I will keep updating the pictures of my writing every week. Let us see how many days I will need to get near perfection. 

Here is a pic of my writing using my right hand (dominant hand). I took 2 minutes to write this. 

This text is well structured and legible.
Fig 1 :Written using my Right handed

  • Week 0: (Pardon me for the poor pics, I will uplaod better pictures). The writing is not even legible. And I could only write few words in two minutes.

Fig 2.1 : 1st pic written using left hand.

  • Week 1 : I wrote for one week, 5 minutes a day. Not a lot of imporovement ( Fig 2.2)
    Fig 2.2: After Week 1 of practice.

  • Week 2: After two weeks, the handwriting seems more smooth. Still just a slight improvement(Fig 2.3)
    Fig 2.3: After Week 2 of practice.

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